Introduction: Make an Easy Repositioning Laser Pole

when working with a laser mounted on a pole often there is a need of repositioning the pole in order to take new measurements. For this to happen in most cases we must turn the inner pole to be released / unlocked from it's position while the pole is mounted from floor to ceiling vertically.

Ones the inner pole it's been released then we are ready to reposition the pole with the attached laser unit. And it's not over, now we must do the whole process in reverse to lock the pole from floor to ceiling. All the above process must be done every time the pole should be placed to an other area. Although this presses won't take long there is an easer way to reposition the pole with just one move!

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Let's see how...

Step 1: THE IDEA

Since the first telescopic poles, manufactures have come with new ideas to make things easier to work with but now days these systems are very expensive for any enthusiast or non professional.

So, the project must be cheap, easy to make and easy to use.

The idea is to use a strong compression coil spring at the bottom of the pole.

To lock the telescopic pole between the floor and the ceiling all we have to do is to push down the outer part of the pole and lock the other part to the ceiling making sure not to end the spring.

Even if the ceiling has not always the same height, we can reposition the pole by just pushing down the pole because of the coil spring.

Step 2: Materials

A PVC pipe of 16 cm long x 40 mm

A compression coil spring of 12cm long x 2cm diameter

A threaded end cap for PVC pipe 40mm diameter

Strong clear packing tape 5cm width

Two bottle caps

A PVC pipe cement

M6 x 50mm hex screw

M6 lock nut x2

M6 washers x2

floor waste trap rubber cover

Cheap Telescopic Pole for Painting or window cleaning. Make sure it's 3 meters long or more from floor to ceiling.


Telescopic pole

for my case i had purchase a cheap telescopic pole of 3.5 Euro.

Use any kind of telescopic pole. The important thing is to be longer than the distance between the floor and the ceiling. Measure 6.5 cm from the bottom of the pole and drill a 7 mm hole across the tube.

PVC pipe

In my case I had to use 40 mm PCV pipe because I couldn't find a shorter diameter. To fill the gap between the handle and the PVC pipe i had to use Strong clear packing tape. Make sure to leave a small gap between the packing tape and the PVC pipe because it's important for the pipe movement up and down.

Measure 1 cm from each side from the shorter end of the PVC pipe.

Then measure 4-6 cm and open a hole using 7 mm drill. Make an oblong hole. Then make another one opposite and lined to the first.

compression coil spring

Look for one that can hardly pressed by hands. It should be strong enough to carry the weight of the laser system and to lock the pole to the ceiling.

The coil spring should be compressed by 2 cm when in place so the force that creates will always push the telescopic pole against the PVC cap.

Floor waste trap rubber cover

It's a good and cheap non slip way to maximize the contact area to the floor and the ceiling.

Also, because they are made from rudder there is no way to produce any damage.

If you cannot find these you can always use any type of rudder or non slip material to do the job.


First of, make sure to extend the inner pole of the telescopic pole by 10 cm before drill the holes for the hex screw to the handle (if any). Otherwise, the locking mechanism may be damaged.

Apply the packing tape to the handle. Ones done drilling the PVC pipe apply PVC cement and join the PVC cap with the PVC pipe and let it cure. Pass the screw, washers and nut between the PVC pipe and the telescopic pole and screw it but not tight.

At the top of the telescopic pole drill a wide hole as possible. Cut and shape the rubber covers (see images). Screw the one rubber cover to the threaded part of the PVC cap using the M3 screw, washers and nut. Place the other rubber cover to the top of the telescopic pole.

Take one bottle cap and drill a hole using 7mm drill. Place the two bottle caps at the ends of the coil spring. Insert the coil spring to the PVC pipe making sure the drilled bottle cap is on the side of the threaded PVC cap. Note that the coil spring should be extended by 2-3 cm from the PVC pipe when inserted. Now, screw the threaded PVC cap to the PVC pipe by pushing and turning.

Your easy repositioning Laser pole is ready to serve you. Well done!