Introduction: Make an Old Prophecy on an Old Paper

Time to make yourself look important by making an old prophecy.
This is pretty easy and you dont need much material

Step 1: The Materials

You will need:

-coffee for the color (without cream or sugar)
don't use coke or pepsi it makes the paper sticky

-Printed prophecy or treasure map (or written if you have a good hand writing)

-A pan that you can fit the paper in

-A candle

-A lighter or a match

Step 2: Darken the Paper

Take the paper and soak it in coffee
tear arround the paper and tear a bit some words
(not to much)and make 2-3 holes in the paper

then wait about 30mins-an hour till it dries

Step 3: Burn the Edges

now burn the edges of the paper with the candle to give it an old effect
burn the holes to but d'ont get to close to the candle

WARNING:D'ont burn down the house

Step 4: Go Show Off Your Old Prophecy

Now go make yourself popular
or if its a treasure map try to make it like your backyard or the park

hope you like it

thers not much pictures but im gonna make some and add them to the instructable when its done.