Introduction: How to Make Homemade Hookah

Hey guyzz..
This is my third instructable....

You all have seen and obviously had tasted flavoured hookah..

In this instructable i will show you how to make a homemade hookah...

So lets start!!!!!

Step 1:

First u will need these things-
       1) A jar/pot or anything that can hold water.( i used a 2 litre cold drink bottle)
       2) A fish tank hose about 1 to 1 & 1/2 metre long (u can find it on any fish store)
       3) A rubber stopper with hole in between.
       4) A hookah bowl ( you can purchase it from any hookah store for about 20-30 rupees)
       5) A pipe equal to the height of the pot or jar u have ( i used the stick of a broken umbrella)
       6) Any pointed thing for making holes and 
       7) Strong glue.

If u have all these things, then you are ready to make your own handmade hookah.

Step 2:

First take the jar/pot (lets suppose we take a bottle) and make hole in the cap of the bottle

Make a hole in the bottle for your hose to plug in.

And make one more small hole (this will be the exhaust) directly opposite to the hole u made for the hose.

Now take the pipe and insert it through the bottle cap and rubber stopper.

And stick the rubber stopper to the bottle cap with strong glue.

Now close the cap (with rubber stopper and pipe attached)  of the bottle and make sure that the pipe do not touches the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3:

After that insert the hose in the hole that you made in the bottle.

See to it that everything is tight seal for best result......

Now fill the bottle with water till the point where the pipe dips into the water (pipe should be 1/2 inch inside the water) and attach the hookah bowl with flavour in it to the rubber stopper......cover it with foil paper and make small holes in it.....put the coal on it and drink!!!!

your homemade hookah is ready....


Here is a video of my homemade hookah-
Hav a luk......