Introduction: Smartphone Hologram

Now this is very easy instructable to turn your smartphone into a small hologram. It takes roughly 10-15 minutes to make it.

First of all you will need these materials to proceed:

  • CD Case.
  • Graph or Plain Paper
  • Pen.
  • Tape.
  • Scissor.
  • Cutter.
  • Smartphone.

Step 1: Cutting Pieces.

Now draw the diagram given in the template above with proper measurement on plain paper and cut the paper in the shape of that diagram.

After cutting the diagram, place the paper template on the CD Case and draw the outlines.

Then carefully cut the CD Case with cutter in the same shape.

You have to cut four pieces.

Once you get all the four pieces of same size then you are ready to proceed to next step.

Step 2: Joining Pieces.

Now join all the four pieces like it is shown in the above picture.

You can glue them or else join them with the tape.

Make sure all four pieces are joined properly and form the shape of a Pyramid.

Step 3: Downloading Videos.

Now download any one of these demo videos and transfer it to your smartphone.

Links :

Hologram Technology HOLHO 4 Faces Pyramid -

Earth view from space at night -

Tron Dance -

Presences -

Step 4: Placement.

Now turn your smartphone brightness to full and play any one of the videos downloaded.

Place your smartphone with screen up on a flat table.

And then place the pyramid on top of your smartphone upside-down as shown in the picture above.

Make sure you place it right in the centre of the screen.

Now turn off the lights and see the magic.

Step 5: