Introduction: Make Your RC Cars Shocks Shorter for Better Handling at High Speeds

In this Instructable I will show you how to shorten your shocks so you can bring your car closer to the ground so you can take higher speed turns with out flapping.

I will utilize my other Instructable on how to do maintenance on your cars shocks so some of the steps will be the same.

You can find my other Instructable on shock maintenance HERE

The Stuff You Will Need:
-Shock oil ( I used 30wt)
-R/C Shocks (No duhhh =) )
-Paper Towels
-Fuel tubing

Step 1: Taking Apart Your Shock

Remove the spring retainer from the piston. Then remove the spring from the shock.

Step 2:

Remove the clamp at the top and any other peaces left on the body of the shock. (see pic 1)

Attach a peace of tissue paper to your pliers(see pic 3).

After grabbing the piston with the pliers remove the bottom connector.

When you have removed that remove the dampener.

Look at the fourth photo for more detail on what to remove.

Step 3: The Messy Part

Empty out the shock fluid by removing the top cap of the shock.

Then remove the piston and wipe it clean.

Step 4: The Hard Part Is Done

Now cut a peace of fuel tubing for this Instructable i used a 2 cm piece.

Slide the fuel tubing on to the shaft of the piston then re insert the piston.

Step 5: Now Put the Shock Back Together