Introduction: R/C Car/Truck Shock Maintenence

In this instructable i will show you how to do routine maintenance on your R/C car or trucks shock

The Stuff You Will Need:
-Shock oil ( I used 30wt)
-R/C Shocks (No duhhh =) )
-Paper Towels
-Pliers <-- hope i spelled it wright

Step 1: The Fun Begins

Remove the spring retainer from the piston. Then remove the spring from the shock.

Step 2:

Remove the clamp at the top and any other peaces left on the body of the shock. (see pic 1)

Attach a peace of tissue paper to your pliers(see pic 3).

After grabbing the piston with the pliers remove the bottom connector.

When you have removed that remove the dampener.

Look at the fourth photo for more detail on what to remove.

Step 3: Empty the Sucker Out

Empty out the shock fluid by removing the top cap of the shock.

Then remove the piston and wipe it clean.

Step 4: All Apart

This is all the peaces you should see when you are done taking the shock apart.

Step 5:

Put the clip on then fallowed by the retainer.

Step 6:

Put the piston back in

Step 7:

Put the dampener back on then the bottom connector.

Step 8:

Expand the piston out then fill the shock up with the shock fluid. Dont fill it to the rim because as the piston moves up the piston rod will displace some of the oil there for it will over flow.

Step 9:

Slowly move the piston up and down to eliminate bubbles. Repeat this step as many times as needed. There can be some minor spillage when you are preforming this step.

Step 10: The Last Step

Close the cap, put the spring back on and then put the lower spring retainer back on.

You have successfully re built your car or trucks shocks .

!!!!!Congratulations !!!!!!