Introduction: Make Your Own 18 Pole 16 Throw Switch (or Any Other Type)

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In some applications you need the ability to have a switch that incorporates more connections than you can buy in the marketplace. This video shows the concepts, how to build and also a demo of an 18 pole 16 throw switch i've made for a project i'm currently working on (housing a large retro multi-video gaming console system using original hardware); complete with a slider unit which as is seen in the video, works quite smoothly considering.

If you want to see more on the overall project, it's on my forum,

I figured this was also the sort of home-made build solution that would be appropriate for Instructables as it doesn't just show of the end result (although the system is still WIP so doesn't look pretty yet), it does show the concept, teaches how to make one and the considerations involved and also it working.