Introduction: Make Your Own E-Warrior

This time i would show you how to make an E-Warrior, for be used in the very awesome cool miniature wargame ever. ( made by me hehe), you could find the rules in my instructables list.

So, we must follow just one important rule, the E-warrior must be made by only electronic parts and must be operable, i mean, it must do something electronic, like light a led. move a motor, etc.
(you dont need a lot of electronic knowledge, just the basic)

this E-Warrior is a light version, so it have low parts, low army points cost, and is very quick and cheap. (you could make an entire army, he he)

as you continue reading you will notice that i write strange, sorry for it, i am from chile, my english is not perfect. any way i hope i was clearly enough.

well let's see.

Step 1: Parts List.

For this one we used
4 resistance ( 2x 270 ohm for the legs)
3 capacitors
1 led
2 transistor
2 extra parts.

this componentes could be take from any electronic device.
and are very cheap.

Step 2: Solding Pieces

First we would make the legs,
for this, use the 270ohms resistors and sold it to the extra parts (i used  little hooks)
as see in the image (be ware of the heat, those hooks burns!!!!)

once we have it done, we need to stick it to the body ( i used one big transistor i think is a TIP31, don't remember) just sold the resistance to the transistor.

see the second picture.

Step 3: The Head

That we have solded the legs to the body, we need to add the head, for this i used a blue led.
remember the position for the anode and cathode. (+ / -)
make sure to join the led wires to the resistance.

Step 4: The Arms

Once you have the head sticked, we put in his arms ( i used 2 1K resistors, it doesn't matter the value, it just for looking purpose). you need to sold it to the joints between Led and legs resistors. very close to the head. So it looks like shoulders and arms.

see the picture

Step 5: The Energy Power Source (wings or Watever)

At this ponint, we have ready the E-warrior, if we connect it to a 9V battery, it will light his head. to do this, remember to stand it over the battery in correctly anode and cathode position (the cathode leg goes to the plus (+) side of the battery, and the other leg, to the minus (-) side of battery,)

any way, if it shine, then we're doing right.

lets back to the point. Now we will add some extra looking useful parts. take a capacitor (i used 100uF as it have a good size) and connect the capacitor cathode (+) to the joint of the led cathode. (be vary careful cause if you wrong, it will no lights) and do the same with the another capacitor.
we stick 2 as wings, or watever it loolks like, at least it sees very cool.

to test if wee sold correctly, put his legs over the battery again, if it shine, then we does a good work, when you disconnect it from the battery, watch the led carefuly, you'l see it lighting a little for some time, this is the magic of capacitors, if we connect it well, then they works as batteries.
but for some short time (it depends in the capacity, we used capacitors of 100uF, if we use a higher value, it will shine a little more)

Step 6: The Weapons

We have do it good, now the E-warrior needs to defense itself, so we will give him weapons.
i decided to give it 2 weapons, one ranged and one melee. now you just need to sold them to his arms.
Take a capacitor, and join its two wires, cut them very short. then cut the arm resistor wire very short too, and sold it to the capacitor. as see in the picture.

next, take the transistor, and turn his wires as claws. then sold it to the other arm.

now we have finished. The E-Warrior is ready to do the following :

- move: as it have 2 legs, one leg actuator could be assigned, giving him movility.
- defend: as it have a body and arms (arms actuator could be assigned to take defend position)
- attack : as it have weapons it could be assigned weapons actuator.
- aim : as it have a head it could be assigned CPU

IT's ALIVE!!!!!

i hope you enjoy making your own.

Step 7: Some Pictures

this is the finished work

Step 8: The Rules V1.0

this is the first rules, i have made some modifications, but i don't upgraded the document

at least, there is the basic.

Some modifications are.

for each arm ( to be considered arm, you must add an arm actuator)
for each two legs (you must add a leg actuator, it will give the warrior the move capability in the battlefield)


send me any comments...