Introduction: Make Your Own USB Flash Drive

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Is it boring to use normal USB flash drive? Here is one example for you to make your own style USB drive.

What you need: 1.USB flash drive 2.Small doll that you really want to cut its head ;p

Step 1: Disassemble the USB Flash Drive

This USB drive is the circuit board is kind of big compared with USB flash drive in the market.....

Step 2: Cut the Doll

If your girlfriend asks you to buy a lot of "Hello kitty" related you get a chance to....

Step 3: Insert the Circuit Board

Make a hole with proper size on the body and insert the USB flash disk circuit board.

Step 4: Glue Magnets on the USB Cap

Glue some magnets on the USB cap. The magnetic force can keep the cap stick on the USB connector. Then insert the cap to the "Head".

Step 5: Here You Go.....

Step 6: Enjoy!