Introduction: Make Your Own Virtual Reality Headset!

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Hello People,

Its HKPNSS back here with a new instructable which is going to really cool , easy , scientific(optional), and yeah of course its a DIY project!

So , yeah you see a piece of cardboard (probably a pizza box) lying over there? is it annoying you? just spend 45 mins to it and you can make a cool virtual reality lens out of it!

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Step 1: Materials Required

Really simple material you can grab around and these are real easy to find!

Cardboard - Possibly a long one (without any folds gives more stability).

2x neodymium Ring magnets (small normal ones will do!)

A pair of Asymmetrical Biconvex lens which has 45mm focal length.

Link to the lens:

Your smartphone which has at least 4.5 inch screen will work.

1x Rubber band

2x adhesive velcro strap (optional) you can hold it with your own hands)

1x Exacto knife

1x electrical tape(optional)

My virtual reality headset costs about $2 only! actually 150 INR!

So Lets proceed with the next step.....

Step 2: Now Lets Take Some Blueprints Out!

Just download the file and take printouts of it!

And to be sure just check whether there are 3 pages.......

Step 3: Some of Cutting Time!!

So, now

Just take those printouts and paste the light numbers over the dark numbers part and stick it as shown in the picture.After sticking these you will get a long strip of template on the cardboard and yeah if you want your cardboard neat just stick them onto the corners of the paper with a electrical tape and cut it neatly with a Exacto knife.

And while cutting make sure you use a ruler as your support so that your cardboard is neat.

While just marking the bends we are going to make just make sure your draw dotted lines on it.

Cut the lens holder in different carboard and the headset.

And be careful about curvy cuts ;)

Step 4: Assembly Time!

Actually just browse through the pictures shown over here to assemble and while assembly.

Place the lens in centre of the part!

place the lens holder first in the below slot

Focus on the right side and then slowly move to the left.

And after taping the sides.

Add magnets , add some art to it and tape it wit

Step 5: Add Your Phone and Enjoy

Follow the following steps:

1.Download Google cardboard form google play.

2.Open the app .

3.Skip the scanner view.

4.Then go to demos

5.Try out different things and enjoy!

6.See your videos and windy day and enjoy the show.

7.There is also a channel known as 360* channel in Youtube.

8.Go to it visit it click the cardboard button on the right and enjoy!

Step 6: The Science Behind It!

Actually the asymmetrical biconvex lens are unique lenses, which have a 4.5cm focal length. the device is placed exactly as F (as per optics.) and then we see through it the image visualized by our brain is brilliant enough to image it as full screen to our optic nerve blocking the other vision interference.

So, when we tilt our head , The gyroscope and the accelerometer sensor of the devices sense the movement and move the picture (x,y coordinates(pixels)) accordingly , which singles our brain a smooth effective movement to us.

Which replaces our reality and gives the feeling we are present there by replacing our reality into a virtual reality.

So i hope guys you loved it a lot.

Thanks for reading this!

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