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Actually ,

I was just wondering few concepts and some new ideas which can be integrated in a smart phone. Which is quite possible and might come in close future (within 10 years.)

Please see my video if you don't like to red much (as i do).

So I will be sharing my new concepts or new ideas with you on what and how.

Step 1: Concept 1:The Power Conserver.

Yeah , Power in these smart phones are a major problems . We have portable smart power banks as a solution. But why to waste energy ? Lets Conserve Some!

This Concept basically is to add an solar panel in the bezel and the back side of the smart phone or of the cover.

Now , whenever our phone is exposed to sunlight , our phone automatically recharges itself and we will have more charge when we require! This idea is a very useful idea for people who often travel outside in sun and stuff, so that they can get a long battery life.

Step 2: Concept 2:The Virtual Extender

This one is a bit hypothetical but it rocks,

Have you heard of one of the laser projection keyboard which projects the keyboard on a flat surface?

This idea is quite related to that. What happens here we have a pico projector on the side of our smartphone which projects the smart phone's screen onto a flat surface like a table up to diagonal of 10"" .When we place the finger over the projection , the object detector can sense the block of light rays and calculate where we touch so that it can act as a touch sensor. So basically a big smartphone screen projection on a flat surface foe convenience.

So thats all folks , I hope you like these concepts.

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