Introduction: Make Your Own Prescription Swimming Goggles

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"Since I have quite a strong prescription, I'm more or less blind when I swim. I don't want to buy prescription goggles as they're so expensive, but I had several old, ordinary glasses as well as regular swimming goggles. So, I sugru'ed them together! The end result works really well !"

This super clever project was sent to us by Mikael in Sweden, we posted Mikael's hack on our gallery, then we thought that we would make a handy ible so others could make their own too :)

Why sugru is perfect for this hack:
1: It is waterproof.
2: It bonds to most materials, especially glass.

If you haven't heard of sugru before take a look at our site, it's full of ideas, tips and suggestions and you can also buy sugru directly from us or from the instructables store.

Step 1: What You Need

You need:
1: Swimming goggles
2: An old pair of glasses with your prescription lens
3: sugru
4: Scissors
5: Tissue paper
6: Small screwdriver

Step 2: Step 1: Remove the Lens From Your Glasses

To remove the lenses from the glasses we used our iFixit screwdriver set, these sets are super useful for fiddly jobs.

Remove the screw closest to the lenses, this should allow you to open the frame to remove the lens without damaging them.

Open up the frame and remove the lens.

TOP TIP from Instructables user grannyjones"Whiteboard markers work well for marking your pupil location on the old lenses and the corresponding location on the goggles. Just make sure you make the marks so they will not be trapped where you can't clean it off."

Step 3: Step 2: Sugru

You have about 30 minutes to work with sugru before it starts to cure so you have plenty of time.

1: Open one mini pack (5g) of sugru with a scissors cutting along the dotted lines.

2: Peel open the mini pack.

3: Remove the sugru and knead it in your fingers for around ten seconds.

4: Break the sugru into 2 equal pieces, one for each lens.

TOP TIP: If you find that sugru sticks to your fingers, just give them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper.

Step 4: Step 3: Mount the Lens to Your Goggles

1: Roll the sugru into thin sausages.

2: Place the sausage around the rim of the goggles.

3: Gently but firmly press your prescription lens onto the sugru making sure that there are no gaps.

4: Gently press / rub the sugru to get a good finish. Use soapy water for a super smooth finish.

5: Leave to cure.

6: Go swimming :)