Introduction: Makedo Cardboard Treasure Chest

About: Makedo is a series of safe cardboard construction tools purposely designed for kids to imagine and build the world they want to see.

Whether you’re playing Pirate or you just need somewhere to hide away those most treasured toys, this Makedo Treasure Chest will really come in handy. We’ve made ours using a cardboard box, some card sheet and Makedo parts available from

Step 1: Sketch Out the Pattern

To make your Toy Treasure Chest, begin by drawing the curve for the top of the chest on the small sides of your box as shown in the image. Next, rule two lines all the way around the box.

Step 2: Cut and Score

Use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut along the curved line so that the top comes off.
Next, cut three sides of the box along the bottom (lower) line that you drew in Step 1. The fourth side will be hinged to make the lid for your Treasure Chest.

Step 3: Cover and Connect

Use a rectangular sheet of cardboard and bend it over the curve as shown.

To secure the curved cardboard to the lid, connect using Makedo Lock-hinges and Re-clips at the back of the Treasure Chest.

Connect the front of the arch using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 4: Decorate to Complete

Now for the exciting part! Decorate your chest using strips of cardboard for the bracing and handles. Using crayons and markers to personalise your Treasure Chest is a great way to add more colour.

Your Makedo Toy Treasure Chest is complete. What will you keep inside? Choose the best treasures, because there may not be room for all of your toys! Remember to share your creation at