Introduction: Maker Shorts

In this ible I will be showing you how to create MAKER SHORTS !!! I will be including items that I think are important. But I will also be taking some of your ideas, you can tell me either in the comment section or the forum that I have created. I hope you enjoy, let's get started...

Step 1: Side Pockets

- Swiss Army Knife

- Lip Balm

- Semi-waterproof container

- includes survival straws and safety pins

The Swiss Army knife has 2 blades, a file, a phillips and flathead screwdriver, a tooth pick, tweezers, pliers, scissors, bottle cap opener, a hook, and a puncture tool for sewing.

Step 2: Back Pockets

- Note Pad w/ Pen

- Sandpaper

Step 3: Extra Pockets

- Compass

- Altoids Can

- String, tealight candle, and money

-AOL Survival Kit

-Knife, whistle, signal mirror, compass, flint striker, flashlight, cordage, fire tinder, snare wire, safety pins, space blanket, sewing kit, and fishing gear

Step 4: Outside of Pockets

- Flashlight w/ hip attachment

- Paracord key chain

- flint striker and very small knife

- Belt (tourniquet, binding, etc.)

Step 5: Completed Maker Shorts

This is the finished product. There are certain items that I wanted to include but did not have at the time. So I leave it to you to tell me what else to include. If you wish to list the possible uses then tell me in the comment section. The link to the forum for you to give me ideas is here: