Introduction: Makey Makey Cardboard!

This step-by-step tortorial on how to make a simple cardboard ukulele (a little guitar) that will work with makey makey!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

- Cardboard

- Box Cutter

- Scissors

- Small Width Duct Tape

- Clear tape

- Foil

- Makey Makey

- Alligator clips

Step 2: Ukulele Cutout

Make two cardboard cutouts of the neck and base of an ukulele. Then you can customize it all you want! Also make sure one cutout does have the hole in it while the other does not!

Step 3: Build the Base Up!

Get another card board board pieces then, put it around up of one your cutouts!

Step 4: Level the Cardboard Pieces

If you level out the cardboard pieces before you put on the next cardboard cutout so itʻs easier to put it on and to play of course! Also for me I used the scissors to level the cardboard instead of using a box cutter since itʻs easier to cut straight.

Step 5: Putting the Other Cutout On!

Once you cut the cardboard pieces that is on the side, put the other cardboard cut out on!

Step 6: Put Foil Pieces on the Ukulele!

You would need to put foil pieces (tape them on) on the ukulele since cardboard isn't something that is conductive! Plus you need something that is a conductor of electricity to have makey makey work.

Step 7: Add the Alligator Clips

After you added foil pieces, add the alligator clips to the foil!

Step 8: Program

After get a computer program on youʻre computer screen that will work with the makey makey!

Step 9: Earth

Iʻm not talking about the planet Earth silly! Iʻm talking about the makey makey Earth. So if you didnʻt already know, you would need to attach an alligator to Earth on the makey makey and hold it since it wouldnʻt work if youʻre not holding Earth. But instead of you just hold the alligator clip with one hand you can make your very own foil bracelet like how I did! Just take a piece of foil. Fold it (hot dog style) untill itʻs about less than an inch. After fold it into a circle shape around your hand, then tape it!

Step 10: All Done!

It should look close or maybe better than This!