Makey-Makey Cat Food Detective

Introduction: Makey-Makey Cat Food Detective

Our cat food in the garage kept disappearing and we didn’t know which one of our dogs was getting up there and eating it. This project identified the culprit.


Basic Makey-Makey Kit


Duct Tape

Laptop with camera

Step 1: Tape Foil in Around the Food Bowl With Duct Tape

The project prototype was planned out at our kitchen table by making a basic circuit and using the Makey-Makey Bongo Drums to test to see if the circuit worked.

Then I went to the garage and put down two large pieces of foil and taped a border of duct tape around them so the dogs wouldn't dislodge them.

Step 2: Connect

Connect one end of each alligator clip to both sides of the foil platform. I used three clips since one of my clips wasn't long enough to get to the other side of the platform.

Connect the other end of the alligator clip to the front of the Makey-Makey home panel on Earth. Connect the other alligator clip to the front of the Makey-Makey home panel on Space . Plug the USB cord from the Makey Makey into the USB port of your PC.

Pull up the camera on your PC and make sure it is set to take pictures with the Space Bar.

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