Introduction: Makey Makey Hand Washing

A big issue I have struggled with is how to get kids to wash

their hands for 20 seconds! They try to get their hands wet and say they are done, so I wanted to find a fun way to get them to wash their hands properly by playing a song when they turn the water on in the sink!


-Aluminum tape

-Makey Makey

-Duct Tape

-Scratch code with song:

Step 1: Add Aluminum Tape to Sink

Add another strip of tape to the bottom of the sink to the

counter/top of sink.

Step 2: Add Alligator Clip and Duct Tape to Faucet

Fold the duct tape so the tape doesn't get stuck to itself when you wrap it around the faucet. Place an alligator clip inside the duct tape and wrap it around the faucet so the metal isn't touching the faucet but is in the path of the water.

Step 3: Attach the Alligator Clips to the Makey Makey

As seen on the picture connect the alligator clip from the faucet to the earth of the Makey Makey.

Clip another alligator clip from the space bar on the Makey Makey to the aluminum tape on the bottom of the sink.

Step 4: Open Up the Scratch Program and Connect the Makey Makey to Your Computer

Open up the scratch program:

Connect your Makey Makey to your computer.

Step 5: Turn on the Water to Activate the Song!

When the water is turned on the water it connects the earth and space bar which starts the pull-ups wash your hands song that goes for 20 seconds. When you turn off the water the song will stop when it's finished.