Introduction: Makey Makey Judy Clock

For younger children learning the analog clock is often challenging. Here is a simple activity that they can make with a Judy Clock.


1. Judy Clock- large for demonstration or small for handheld and for children to do.

2. Makey Makey Kit

3. Brass brads

4. Sticky pads (small)

5. Access to Scratch

Step 1: Makey Makey Judy Clock

1. The sticky pads will be used to stick the brass brads on 12, 3, 6, and 9.

Step 2: The Minute Hand

The minute hand is Earth. Place another sticky pad and brad on the position so it will make contact with the brads on the minutes.

Step 3: Connect the Alligator Clips

The alligator clips will go on. I placed the 12 O'clock alligator clip to the top. I placed the 3 O'clock to the right alligator clip. The 6 O'clock was placed to the bottom alligator clip. The 9 O'clock was placed on the left alligator clip.

Step 4: Scratch

This is the Scratch code and site page :

You will find the code for this project.