Makey Makey Plank Counter

Introduction: Makey Makey Plank Counter

Time to spice up your plank exercises as you interact with a Scratch counter and Makey Makey targets.


  1. Makey Makey board
  2. Two regular alligator clips
  3. Two extra long alligator clips
  4. Two conductive hand and two foot targets
  5. Wearable to ground person (e.g., foil bracelet)
  6. Makey Makey Plank counter Scratch program

Step 1: Create Your Targets and Ground

You will need 4 conductive targets for the plank counter project. I used 4 drink coasters wrapped in foil for my hand and feet targets. You will need a right and left target for both hands and feet.

Step 2: Ground Yourself to Earth & Connect the Makey Makey

You need to ground yourself for this project to function. I used an old paracord bracelet wrapped in aluminum foil and connected it to the Earth bar of the Makey Makey. You can use any conductive material; my wedding ring makes a great connection. Be sure the Makey Makey is near your wearable since you must be connected the for the entire workout. Use the red USB cable to connect your Makey Makey to your computer. Look for the green light to verify power.

Step 3: Connect Your Hand and Feed Targets

Next, use the extra long alligator clips to connect the space bar to the LEFT hand target and the left arrow to the LEFT foot target. You should now have three clips connected to your Makey Makey.

Step 4: Load Scratch Program

Log in to your Scratch account and open the Makey Makey Plank Counter program. Click the remix button to add the program to your account.

Step 5: Place Targets

The location of your hand and foot targets depends upon your height. The hand targets should be a few inches above typical hand placement for planks and the foot targets should be either just below, or to the outside of your feet placement.

Step 6: Have Fun With Your Plank Counter

*Note: in the video my hands are in front of my shoulders to allow viewers to see the program running on the laptop. The proper plank position is for hands to be directly below your shoulders at a 90 degree angle (proper plank form).

Click the green flag to start the program. Every letter requires 10 target touches, alternating between hands and feet. Start with the hands. When the counter reaches 10, start touching the foot targets. When the counter reaches 20, return to the hand targets. Continue this pattern until the counter reaches 90.

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