Introduction: Makey Makey Project; Heart and Soul

In this instructable you will see our step by step guide on how we created our Makey Makey project!
Feel free use to use this for your own use!

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

Gather the supplies that you will need for this particular Makey Makey project.
1. Makey Makey (alligator clips, wristband optional, wires, etc.)
2. Aluminum foil, folded into hearts
3. Foul tape
4. Heart and Soul sheet music
5. Your voice, brain, and friends :)

Step 2: Layout

Make the layout for the chords/notes
Use four hearts for the four chords in the song or for the root and bass notes.
You can use construction paper for a more visually pleasing look, but it doesn’t matter.
Write the chords/notes on the paper/foil so you know what you are tapping/playing!
You can experiment with different heart sizes to represent the tonic chord and the other ones in the progression.
Make sure to pull up the sheet music, so you know what you are playing/singing.

Step 3: Max Patch

The software we used was Max along with some tutorials provided by the application and our professor!
We experimented with different ways to play the song. Our base was one chord on each heart for the chord progression.
We also messed around with just having one note for each heart, to add the bass note.
Feel free to mess around with the notes and decide what YOU like best.

Step 4: Wire Up/Set Up

Attach the alligator clips to the foil hearts and add the audible notes to each button on the max patch you created.
Make sure that the alligator clips are touching the wires.
Get some foil tape and attach it to “earth” and then attach the other end to the wristbands.
If you have enough wristbands, each person can get one.
If not, then some get wristbands and some can hold the tape.

Step 5: Decorate!/Done!

Decorate your layout so its visually aesthetic! Get creative with this step, let your inner artist come out.

Go ahead and perform it!