Introduction: Making a Circle Cutting Jig

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Hi, this is the design which I made for making circle by using routers. It is simple to make. This tool is used for cutting a large circle out of wood.

Step 1: Things Need to Prepaired

1. Plywood or hardwood panel (9mm thick)

2. A handle.

3. A washer ( >= 20mm)

4. A nut

5. A nail (2mm x 29mm)

Step 2: Print the Layout

Dowload the PDF file below.

Print exact whole scale of PDF file or print piece by piece if you just have a small printer (also exact scale)

Step 3: Glue the Layout Into Plywood or Hardwood Panel.

With normal glue. It's easily get it out when you've done cutting shapes out of the panel

Step 4: Cutting, Assembling

Using bandsaw or jigsaw, drills to cutting shapes

Look the picture above to do the assembling

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