Introduction: Making a Nerf Scope Usable

Nerf scopes are basically just two pieces of clear plastic with one of those having crossed hairs printed on. That does nothing in term of usability. This can be remedied with a extra fine point sharpie. To fix the movement on the rails we'll need a hot glue gun

Step 1: Cross Hairs

The cross hairs on nerf scopes are next to useless this can be fixed by finding a distance that you're usually shooting from then find where your head has to be for the cross hairs to be on a target and be able to hit the target. then put a dot on the other piece of plastic so it lines up with the dot on the first piece of plastic. then when you're at that distance you line up the two darts on your target and it's actually pretty accurate. If there are multiple distance simply repeat the process and have multiple dots

Step 2: Wobble Fix

To stop the scope from moving around on the rail clip simply hot glue the two together so that the scope can't move on its mount but still able to slide off