Introduction: Making a South African "Boerewors" Roll

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Here I am going to show you how to make a traditional South African "Boerewors" roll.

"BoereWors" is pronounced Boo-ruh W(like the V in weave)-orse(like in horse) and means Farmers (Boere) Sausage (Wors). A "BoereWors" roll is the same as a hot dog but uses traditional farm style sausage and not a wiener.

In South Africa using the words "BoereWors" on your product is controlled by law so that when you advertise "BoereWors" it may only contain certain ingredients. "BoereWors" is probably the best quality sausage you can buy in South Africa as butchers are strictly prescribed what they can and can not put into "BoereWors". They are not allowed to put any "junk" meat into the sausage. It must contain 90% meat of which a minimum of 30% must be beef.

Small "BoereWors" rolls make excellent snacks and disappear just as fast as cocktail hot dogs.

Step 1: Preparing

In South Africa we normally prepare a fire called a "braai" (Bar-B-Q) outdoors, to cook the "wors" (sausage) on. "BoereWors" can be cooked just like any normal sausage so you can cook the "BoereWors" sausage (or any other farm style sausage for that matter) any way you like. You can "braai" it, fry it, steam it, boil it, cook it and even grill it. 

We normally light a fire, wait about 20 to 30 minutes and then "braai" / cook the meat, in this case the sausage.

What you will need:

1 x Fire
1x Pack of BoereWors / Farm Style Sausage
1 x Pack of Hot Dog Rolls enough for the "Wors"
1 X Tongs to turn the "Wors" over if you are using a fire.


Step 2: Cooking

Put the sausage on the grill a little away from, and not directly over the coals. Leave for a while and then start turning the sausage over. When the sausage starts stiffening, you know it is nearly done and the inside should be cooked.

Step 3: Making the "BoereWors" Roll

Take the well done (cooked) "boerewors" off the grill, cut it into pieces that fit into the rolls. Or cut the rolls to fit the pieces of sausage. Pop them into the rolls, put your favorite sauce onto it and munch away!

Mmmmm YUMMY!   
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