Introduction: Making Different Types of Soap (Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Etc).

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With Hydrogenated Crisco fat and Lye and water, you can make Soaps with either Potassium Hydroxide (90 percent or 100 percent) or Sodium Hydroxide 100 percent. Make sure neither of the Lye has zinc or other metals in it. Buy it from E-bay or a soap manufacturing place.

It takes after curing 2-3 months to get rid of all of the excess Lye from the soap. Uncured soap or pre-mature cured soap is Dangerous for your skin.

Warning: Lye solution is highly corrosive. Always wear gloves and goggles and always have 5 percent acetic acid to neutralize the Lye in case the solution touches your skin. Lye solution can cause blindness and serious burns so be very careful with it.

Step 1: Different Types of Soaps( Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Lime-Lemon-peel Soap) Including Storax in 25 Percent Ethanol Soap.


There are lots of Soaps with Preferably KOH (potassium hydroxide) that you can make with many herbs and spices besides what I am saying here. If you are going to do it I recommend a "GOOD RESOURCE" online called Soap Calculator.

This is a very useful determining if your soap will be creamy, soft or hard.

Step 2: Preparing Boiled Samples Like Banana and Strawberries or Cedar Into the Soap.


Cedar leaves 50 g boiled into 100 ml of water then added to KOH can be added to the desired Crisco Fat. Note that you can use other fats if you like but the protocol would be different. Also the Lemon-lime peels, etc can be added instead to the fat and the lye can be added to Stainless steel pan or a glass beaker (Not aluminum it will be attacked by the Lye.).

In a plastic bottle or distiller, you can boil or extract banana and strawberries to the soap that you are making too. A full extract of banana-strawberries takes 1 week.

Step 3: Making the Soaps With KOH and Crisco Fat.

Here I will show how to make the Soap.

If you are going to do Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cocoa (dark) soap you need to add these ingredients (Last) to avoid the heat from producing excessive carbon. Yes, some carbon will be produced but by adding it last you can stir it and make the soap with as many spices as Possible.

To a CLEAN stainless steel Pan or 1 L Pyrex beaker add the fat and allow it to boil and heat up. Make sure this is done in a well-ventilated area due to KOH (Lye) fumes and wear gloves and goggles for this Part!! Add to 25 g fat about 100 ml of 4 grams Lye with some spices at the end.

Allow them to heat up and mix.

Then you have all the material required to make soaps this way.

If you want to make soap with Liquid ethanol like storax you must add a small amount to the Lye and Crisco fat. I have done it! It works very well.

Step 4: Final Step Improving Soap With Calcium Lactate and Lye.

With Potassium hydroxide, you can add a small amount 2-3 grams of pure calcium lactate to the lye to harden the soap for good results. It is Optional but recommended if the soap doesn't harden well enough.

Be safe while working with ethanol and spices and Liquid Lye (KOH). That is my final say for excotic soaps.

Step 5: