Making Garmin Maps With Openstreetmap

Introduction: Making Garmin Maps With Openstreetmap

I love hiking but I'm not used reading maps. Therefore I bought myself a garmin GPSMAP64 GPS. In the maps challenge I saw an instructable of how to make maps for a garmin gps this is a very well written instructable and it made me think to write my way of uploading maps onto my GPS. This will be a very short instructable because it's really simple to do.

You only need your GPS (ofcource) the openstreetmap website and an usb-cable to connect your GPS to your Windows PC, Linux computer and I'm pretty sure it will also work on IOS or any other operating system.

Step 1: Creating Map(s)

In the picture above all steps are framed in yellow. First go to openstreetmap
  1. choose your map type (I use generic)
  2. choose a predefined country (countries are sorted by continent)
  3. If you like to add some other regions you can check the checkbox.
  4. Enter your e-mail adress.
  5. Check the tiles that aren't in blue if you like to add them to deselect press them again.
  6. Click the build my map button.

Step 2: Download the Map

After clicking the button you get a message that you will receive 1 mail directly and a second mail when your map is generated

In the first mail you get a tracking link where you can see how long you have to wait. (see pictures)

In the second mail you get a link to download the map. (4th picture) Click the link in that mail.

Step 3: Uploading the Map

When you have clicked the link you go to a page where you see all generated files.

  • Download the file
  • Connect your garmin to your computer
  • Open the garmin gpsmap folder.
  • Go to the folder garmin
  • Rename the gmapsupp file to the name of by example the region
  • unzip the downloaded file to the garmin folder
  • You're finished now. Don't rename the gmapsupp file because this is the one that will load.

Step 4: Conclusion

In this very short instructable I showed you a way to easily replace the maps of your garmin by openstreetmap maps. This way you can freely use very detailed maps of any region you wanna hike.

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