Introduction: Making Gradient Design in Tinkercad

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This is how to make your tinkercad design gradient.

Step 1: Pick Object

I chose my star twisting flowerpot.

Step 2: Gradient Cylinder

I made a gradient cylinder witch was very tough so I am not going to get into it here is a link if someone needs it

first version (used in this instructable)

second version

you could also use a normal gradient what is usually a cube that fades

I would go to look at elok's designs first but here is a cube if you need it

then I duplicated it moved it up and twisted it (this step is optional only use with cylinder)

you may or may not need to scale up depending on design

Step 3: Make Large Cube

Make a cube large enough to fit gradient in it.

Step 4: Align and Group

  • Turn star pot into hole
  • align with cube
  • group
  • turn cube into hole
  • align with gradient
  • group

Step 5: Finished

That is everything if you want to have it printed you should be able to get it in full color depending on design.

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