Introduction: Making Lobster Porridge


Hi, food lovers!

Welcome to my instruction page!

Are you often struggling on what to eat? Take forever to make a tasty treat for yourself? No worries!

Here you will learn how to make a delicious lobster porridge just in 20~30 minutes. Although the recipe may take you few extra minutes to read, but feel free to skim through the pictures and skip to the main cooking procedures at your interest. Attached above are some pictures of the final dish that you will soon make. Hungry enough? Let's get started!

Step 1: Prepare Tools

  • Soup Pot (Shown in image) OR other big heatable containers
  • Rice Cooker OR Instant Rice through Boiling
  • Ladle
  • Kitchen Knife OR A Knife Set
  • Clean Scissor
  • Clean Small Toothbrush that you are not using (This is optional, but it can come in handy)

Tips: If you do not have a rice cooker, you can purchase instant rice from chain supermarket like Kroger or others instead. Follow instructions on those boxes (the rice comes in a package and is easy to boil).

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

  • Ginger
  • Cooking Oil (Olive, Corn and etc. any type will do)
  • Salt
  • Lettuce (One per serving)
  • Lobster Tails (Two per serving)
  • Green Onion*
  • Cilantro* (Do not buy Italian Cilantro)
  • Clams*

*Optional depends on individual's preference

- One Lobster Porridge serving includes 2~4 meals for an adult

Step 3: Main Procedures - Clean and Prepare Lobster Tails

Caution: ALWAYS WATCH OUT for SHARP Edges of the Lobster Shell!

ALWAYS WASH HNADS FIRST Before Preparing Food!


Take out the lobster tails from package carefully.

Brush each side of the tail using a small toothbrush or other clean brushes to remove dirt and algae. Do so again for each tail.

Use a scissor to remove the legs from the underside (not the shell side) of the tail. Make sure to tip into the joint and cut the leg entirely as it may affect the taste later.


Cut off each lobster tail widthwise on the underside with a heavy knife. Make sure to cut through the back shell, so that the lobster tail is separated into small pieces for cooking. BE CAREFUL USING KNIFE! Place these pieces into a bowl for seasoning.

Step 4: Main Procedures - Prepare/Season Lobster Tails

Use knife to cut two slices of ginger. Cut each slice into strips and chop ginger strips into tiny pieces.

Uniformly spread the ginger pieces and salt to the prepared lobster tails.

Shake the bowl of lobster tails to make seasoning in full contact with the meat. Be careful not to drop the lobster pieces out.

Step 5: Add More Flavor - Grind Green Onion and Ginger

Grind another slice of ginger.

Pick one green onion (remove its root) and cut it in a half. Grind the two halves lengthwise into a smaller size.

Mix the ginger and green onion and grind them together to smaller pieces (The smaller is better because a larger piece affects the feeling while tasting them in the mouth).

Put the prepared mix on a knife for further dumping them easily into cooking.

Be Cautious while using a Knife!

Step 6: Prepare Clams

Take out the soaked clams from the bowl.

Brush gently the surface of clams to remove algae or other dirts. Place in a bowl for further use.

Step 7: Main Procedures - Prepare Lettuce

Wash the lettuce in a running tap to remove any dirts.

Break the clean leaf into a half or a size that you find appropriate to eat.

Place them in a bowl for further use.

Step 8: Checkpoint - Preparations Ready!

Check with the photo here to ensure you have done all the preparations.

You also must prepare an additional big bowl of water as you need it for cooking the soup later.

If you find anything missed, DON'T PANIC, BE PATIENT, go back to and follow the according steps.

Step 9: Cooking Procedures - Preheat and Oil Up the Soup Pot

WEAR an Apron here is optional, but highly recommended

Pour Oil inside the Soup Pot until it nearly covers the bottom of the pot. (Small pot may need to be fully covered, but normally 50%~70% is good enough)

TURN the cooking heat/fire to full.

Watch the oil inside the pot until it starts flowing, meaning it is heated and ready for cooking.

Skip the following and follow the next step immediately IF you did not prepare green onions before

Pour the ginger and green onion mix into the pot and start stirring, OTHERWISE the mix may stick to the pot.

When the mix turned into a yellowish color, it is ready. IMMEDIATELY follow the next step.

Step 10: Cooking Procedure - Stir-Fry the Lobster


You can USE the POT LID constantly to hold the oil spills inside.

Pour Prepared Lobster tails into the heated pot.

Stir-fry the lobster tails in the pot every 10-20 seconds until the Lobster Shell is RED and Meat is WHITE.

Use the pot lid wisely or keep your body away while stir-frying. No Worries if you are wearing an Apron.

Step 11: Cooking Procedure - ADD WATER (Soup)

Pour water into the pot until it fills the pot over the lobster meats.

ADD an extra chunk of ginger to increase flavor while waiting the soup to boil.

Step 12: Cooking Procedure - Wait and Watch

Wait until the soup is boiling up. (You should see steam coming out when it is fully boiled)

Prepare Cilantro in the instruction below (8~10 pieces) if you are a cilantro person like me.

Cut cilantro into small segments (much larger than the ginger mix) and put them in a bowl for further use.

Step 13: Cooking Procedures - Drop Rice


When the soup is fully boiled, drop the rice into pot carefully. TURN the cooking heat to a smaller level (40~50%).

Let the pot heated for 5~10 minutes (for reference) or so until the rice starts becoming thick and sticky in the pot, like a porridge.

Make sure you watch the pot and stir the ingredients inside every other 1~2 minutes while cooking and waiting. OTHERWISE, the food may stick to the bottom of the pot.

Step 14: Cooking Procedures - Drop Clams

After about 5~10 minutes, the porridge should be almost ready.

Drop Clams into the porridge for about another 3~5 minutes (for reference only) until the clam shells are open.

Again, watch the pot and stir constantly. If you find the water is nearly boiled up, add a little more to the pot for further cooking other ingredients.

Step 15: Cooking Procedure - Taste the Flavor (Important!)

Soup can be hot, HIGH TEMPERATURE!

When the clams are fully opened, use the laddle to get a portion of the soup. Blow the soup sample gently to cool it down and taste it.

Add salt to the pot cautiously and repeat tasting until the sample reaches a satisfactory flavor for you.

Step 16: Cooking Procedure - Drop Lettuce

You are almost there!

Drop lettuce when the soup flavor is ready.

Use laddle to stir until the lettuce spread evenly in the pot.

Again, watch for the water level (stickiness and thickness of the rice), contents at the bottom of the pot and flavor control (salinity).

Step 17: Final Step - Drop Cilantro / Prepare Lobster Porridge Into a Nice Container

SKIP the next two instructions if no cilantro is used

Drop the prepared cilantro to the porridge.

Stir until cilantro spread evenly in the porridge. Wait 1 minute or so for cilantro to be cooked.


Carefully pour/prepare the Lobster Porridge into a nice container.

Congratulations! You have made it! Bon Appetite!

Step 18: Conclusion

Congratulations again on your achievement!

As you may notice, the amount of ingredients and flavor described here is not as precise as a specific number. This is due to a limited resource, but I will seek for an upgrade in the future.

However, you should get the idea of how each step works in making one lobster porridge. If you want to get better and use less time, you should cook more often and summarize every time on any deficiencies in the flavor. Hope you enjoy the learning progress!

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions and provide feedback.

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