Introduction: Making Quilled Teardrop Earrings: Simple and Easy-to-Use Tutorial

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If you are fond of quilling as much as I do, you certainly need new ideas. This tutorial will come in handy to those people, who don’t have much time to quill complicated items and look for simple but beautiful ideas. These quilled teardrop earrings will become a perfect gift for your loved one or close friend. Or you can use them as a superb accessory to give your image a fresh feel.

There are a few things, however, you should know before we get started. To start with, you have to be aware of the basics of making simple quilling shapes. It is also desirable that you should have a stacked form for quilling. If you don’t have time or desire to make the one on your own, then try to find something you will use to make round shapes of the required diameter.

Step 1: Supplies

Quilling paper (1/4")

Quilling tool

Quilling form or any other 2" object– something like the one you see on the photo



Ear wires - 2 items for each pair

O-rings 7 mm thick – 2 items for each pair



Jewelry pliers (if you don’t have them, you can try using ordinary pliers of small size)

To make the earrings, you will require the following elements:

- An outer teardrop

- An inside circle

- A middle circle

- An outside circle

Correspondingly, for each element, you will need:

- 2 strips of 34" quilling paper and 2 s more strips that that equal 3"

- 2 strips of 17" quilling paper

- 2 more strips of quilling paper that equal 17"

- 2 strips of paper for quilling that are 17"

To make your composition unique, you can use quilling paper of different colours

Step 2: Get the Tool Ready

Make a closed coil ring using the 2" tier of the form for quilling you have chosen and the quilling paper that equals 34". The color of the paper may be selected with regard to your liking and idea.

Step 3: Make Tight Coils

Make 2 more coils that are closed tight with the help of the quilling tools and 2 strips of quilling paper that are of 3".

Step 4: Prepare the Inner Circles

Take a 17" strip of quilling paper of another color to start making the inner circles like you see on the photo. As soon as you make the first element, don’t forget to glue the end to secure the detail. Repeat the same actions with another two strips of paper of the same diameter. Make sure the strips are of different colors. All in all, you will need 2 inner circles.

Step 5: Give the Coil Rings the Teardrop Shape

Give the coil rings you have made in the Step 1 a teardrop shape and attach a paper seam at the bottom of the shape. Carefully, put a drop of glue on the inner side of the teardrop (just the way you see on the photo) and insert the inner circles inside the teardrop. Make sure they are properly secured by the glue.

Step 6: Glue the Item

Take the tight coils you have made in the Step 2 and attach them to the top point of your earring with the help of glue. Repeat the same actions with the second earring.

Step 7: Enjoy the Result!

Your earring are finally ready! This is how they should look!

Step 8: Attach the Jewelry Hardware to the Earring

As soon as the teardrop earrings are ready, you will have to seal them securely and attach the jewelry hardware to be able to use these accessories. To seal the items, you may use UV-protected nail enamel or any other substance. Having done that, take your jewelry pliers, expand the O-rings you have prepared in advance and then curve the corners in. Now, you can attach the item.

Step 9: The Earrings Are Ready!

That’s it! Our earrings are finally ready and we can now enjoy the result! Look at these fantastic teardrop earrings that will surely become a great addition to any attire! Wear them with pleasure and get ready to accept compliments from people who surround you!