Introduction: Making Scented Soy Wax Candles for Beginners.

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Check out the video for a quick run down and over view of how make your own scented candles!

Below are some details I may have left out of the video!m.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

What you will need:
Soy Wax
2 lbs:
5 lbs:
10 lbs: (the picture is misleading, but it’s the cheapest and the one I used)

2 Scents I used:
16 oz Island Sands Scent:
4 oz Cinnamon Bun Scent:

Other Stuff:

Pouring Pot:
100 6" Wicks (no sticker):
50 6" Wicks (w/ sticker):
8 oz Mason Jars:
Wick Holder:
Hot Glue Gun w/Glue:

Step 2: Double Boil

There are two main methods to melting wax, single burner and double boil. The method that I chose to use is the double boil method it's cheaper, you most likely have all the stuff already.

Double boil is where you boil water in a large pot and put whatever you want to melt in a smaller pot inside of that boiling water. The reason this is so effective is because the maxium temperature the water can reach is 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100C). This will prevent the wax from burning.

I use this metal wire mesh basket to keep the second jar from contacting the bottom this leaves a layer of water in between the burner and my double boil. You don't want to skip this part because you could end up burning the wax.

Step 3: Preparing the Jars

There are many types of wicks you can buy on Amazon some wicks have the 3M tape already stuck and cut to the bottom of the wick. Others don't have the 3M tape. you can get a lot more for a lot less money without the tape.

I chose to get the ones without the tape and use hot glue to stick them to the bottom of the jars.

The step is very important you need the wicks to stay centered in the jars otherwise they will float around before the wax gardens and you'll get an uneven burn.

Step 4: Measurements

For soy wax there's a rule of thumb that 1 pound of wax will make you one 16 ounce candle. Since my jars were 8 ounces every pound gave me two candles.

I measured out 3 pounds for the first batch.

Step 5: Melting

Don't add too much wax to start!

I made the mistake of starting with 2 pounds of wax in my jar. What happened was the wax around the edges started to melted and the center became a solid ball of wax. It took much longer for this to melt but it did end up melting.

The next batch I made I started with a half a pound of wax waited till I started melting then slowly added the next 2.5 pounds.

I would add some, let it melt, add some, let it melt, add some, let it melt, add some, let it melt. You get the idea.

Step 6: Making It Smell Good!

You can find all kinds of fragrances on Amazon. The 2 I used I linked in the description they worked out great island sands was probably my favorite.

You need to wax reach 185° in order for the fragrance to blend correctly.

For every pound of wax you want at least an ounce of reference I had a lot of island sent so I went a little heavy and definitely wasn't disappointed.

I slowly put it in as I stirred the wax.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Do you want to make sure that you let your wax cool till at least 130-140°. This will prevent breaking of the glass jar. Also when you pour the wax in that hot it can cause pitting and it looks pretty ugly, it won't affect the burning of the candle but it won't look good.

You need to keep the wick centered at the top just like we did with the hot glue at the bottom are you some popsicle sticks from my kids craft supplies and just roll the hole in the center. You can also buy something on Amazon to do the job, but I'm sure you could come up with something laying around your house.

And that's it. Let them sit overnight so that they're fully cool down and you should be good to burn.

Step 8: The End

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