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Introduction: Making Scrap Paper

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Scrap paper cube.

You have probably seen then around – you buy little piles of square paper and they get the shopping list and things written on them... the other day “she who is in charge”, asked me to get some more with the shopping....

Before I got to the shopping, I was doing some throwing out and came up with a hand full of largely unused year planner diaries.. who volunteered them selves to help:-)

Step 1: ​What I Used;

  • A bunch of hard covered diaries ( I used two that were both an inch thick)
  • A Band saw (Which was perfect, but with a little care i guess you could use a table saw, recipro with vice, or hand saw with vice?)
  • A Marker pen

Before you do any thing it might pay to have a read through the diaries to ensure you haven't left any thing "incriminating:-)" on the pages.. i was so good at using diaries there was most blanks pages.. phew!

Step 2: Step 1: Setup

  • Lay each diary on a flat surface and carry out the following steps on all;
  • Place the plastic cube holder onto the cover of the diary (with careful positioning you maybe able to get more than one cube ?)
  • Trace around the outside edge of the plastic holder with the marker. (diagram 1)
  • Then move the plastic holder back approx 5 mm from each edge and draw and inner line (diagram 2) - so you ended up with two squares,(diagram 3) the inner of which giving sufficient clearance that the paper can fit in the cube.

Step 3: Step 2: Cut

  1. Cut to the inner square - using the band saw this is was over and done in bout a minute...
  2. If you only have a hand saw. Recipro or the like i imagine you could clamp the book in a vice and cut down each side also... or using a push stick and the fence on a table saw also... however you do it you will end up with a nice square block.
  3. Hold the block on each side, and bend the opposite side down under your thumb and let them flip back to their place,(diagram 4)(loosens up the sheets into individuals)
  4. Plonk each cube into the plastic cube, take off all the printed sheets (usually in the front of diaries) and hey presto you are done...

Next project - what to do with the off cuts;

  1. I used two of the left over blocks this afternoon to protect wood from the clamp....
  2. maybe the can be used as fire blocks lol...

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