Introduction: Making Tin Bronze. DIY Bronze. Classic Bronze

Tin bronze is classic bronze. It's the first which started to be used by humans. Melting and casting of this type of bronze shouldn't be too hard. All metals except copper have very low melting point. To make this bronze I'll need copper, tin and zinc. Now this bronze is pretty expensive because of tin price. I don't know if I'll use it in the future because of that.

Step 1: Preparing All 3 Metals

To make tin bronze we need 3 metals: copper, tin and zinc.

Step 2: Melting Metals and Mixing Them

First of all we need to melt copper because it has the highest melting point. After that we can add tin and zinc

Step 3: Casting Tin Bronze

Finally, casting tin bronze in molds. In my case I chose to use classic mold and the round one to make 2 round bars.

Step 4: Let's Check the Quality

We can check the quality right after casting and after brushing and cutting. It's easy to see that it's solid, no spots inside. It has golden colour, very similar to aluminum bronze.

Step 5: Hardness Test

Hardness test shows that this type of bronze is pretty soft. It's about 12.8 - 14.4 HRC.

Overall I like this bronze and the only thing which stops me from using it is high tin price.

Good luck in melting and casting :)