Introduction: Making a Crepe

Making a beautiful delicious crepe, I strongly recommend making a crepe if you have the fallowing materials.You need a pan, spatula, whisk, and a bowl, for ingredients you need powdered sugar, pancake mix, 1 cups of water, Nutella, and butter. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: You Need a Spatula

Step 2: Pan

Step 3: Whisk

Step 4: Pancake Mix

Step 5: Pouder Sugar

Step 6: Butter

Step 7: Put Mix Into Bowl

Step 8: Add Some Milk

Step 9: Add 1 Cup of Water

Step 10: Add Butter to Pan

Step 11: Add Your Mix Into Pan and Heat

Step 12: Once Its Golden Brown Spread Nutella

Step 13: Add the Sugar Powder

Step 14: And There Ya Go