Introduction: Making a Guitar Out of a Skateboard #HMS2018

Today I'm going to showing you guys how to make a guitar out of skateboard.

To do this you will need:


2.Guitar Nut

3.Guitar Bridge

4.Guitar Tuners

5.Guitar Strings

6.Dry Erase Marker

7.Drill & Drill bits


9.Screw Driver



12.Tape Measure

13.Gloves & Goggles (For Safety)

14.Super Glue

15.A specimen over 18 (For Safety)

Step 1: Mark the Place for Your Tuners

Use a dry erase marker to draw the tuner hole on the side you are using to put the tuners.Measure the placement of the holes and then drill the holes to the right size of the tuner.

Step 2: Put Your Tuners in the Holes

After you are done with your holes, put your tuners into the guitar.Put spacers into the pack of the skateboard guitar (they usually come with guitar tuner packs).After you have the spacers in, put the screws in and you will be done with the tuner part (FOR NOW).

Step 3: Install the Bridge

First your going to need to figure out where you want your bridge to be.The best place for me was the middle of the holes from where the trucks used to be.Then, you have to drill the right sized hole inside the hole part of the bridge.Finally, you must screw in the bridge.

Step 4: Putting in the Nut

My nut didn't have any holes to screw into my skateboard, so I used super glue to put it a little bit above where the truck used to be.After that the last thing now is to put the strings on the guitar.

Step 5: Put the Strings on the Guitar

To put strings on the guitar you have to put the string in the bridge.Then you pull the string to the tuner.Finally, you must wrap it around the tuner and cut the string with pliers when your done.

Step 6: Finishing Product

I was putting my chord in and it broke, so now it's a five string guitar.I'm basically Keith Richards.