Introduction: Making a Parrot CK3100 Easily Adaptable to Other Vehicles

About: I am a mechanic for a Bobcat equipment Dealer/rental company aside from that I like to take things apart and see how it works and change things to better serve my needs/likes/wants.

I am going to set up a Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Device to use in any vehicle with an "AUX IN" Jack.  The CK3100 is designed to be installed directly to the existing radio and mute the music when a call comes in, then unmute automatically upon hangup.  My Wife and I were having problems with it not unmuting the speakers, it seemed the only way to get it to release was by turning the car off and resetting the system.   The tech support from Parrot USA is non existent they would like you to purchase a newer model rather than help you troubleshoot you're old one.  Through trial and error I was able to figure out which terminals were for speaker out and discover there is only one side channel (not separate L & R).  I hope this helps someone out there whom is getting fed up with their Parrot and will consider this option.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

1.    Soldering iron
2.    Solder Sucker (or other solder removal device IE solder braid)
3.    Wire Stripper
4.    Pair of Diagonal Cutting Pliers or similar
5.    Solder
6.    Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
7.    Hot Melt Glue Gun
8.    Headphone Jack (I salvaged one off an old motherboard I had around)
9.    Two pieces of wire 4-6 gauge should do
10.  And of course a Parrot system to Hack
11.  1/4" or 6mm Drill bit and drill

Step 2: Identifying & Opening Box

Remove two screws holding box closed.  Open box and remove PC board.  Identify areas.

Step 3: Preparation

Prepare all items for assembly.
a.  Remove speaker jack to get easy clean access to PC Board.  You could leave it on if you want just work around it.
b.  De-solder and remove remaining pins.
c.  Side note: remove Phone jack from its' board.
d.  Solder one wire (about 6") to the Negative terminal
e.  Solder one wire (about 6") to BOTH Positive terminals

Step 4: Assembly

a.  Solder speaker positive + wire to PC board in identified location
b.  Solder speaker negative - wire to PC board
c.  Drill 1/4" or 6mm hole in box bottom next to Monitor Jack leave enough room to allow box top to slide past upon assembly.
d.  Use a little hot glue on PC board to help keep headphone jack in place, after it cools use a little more to make sure it doesn't move when the plug is put in.

Step 5: Finish

Close box back up and install screws.  If the headphone jack is in the way of the screw holes you can file a little bit of the top off.
Cut off the power cord before the fuses and install a cigarette lighter plug on the end or whatever other type of connection you may prefer. The Parrot is now ready to be used in any vehicle with an "AUX IN" Jack.  This is version 2.  Version 1 had RCA jacks instead of a headphone jack.   This version is easier to use no need to fine a RCA to Headphone Jack cord.  Final note, The reason I connected both positives together is because the parrot doesn't have separate right and left channels, it mutes the rear speakers on a sound system when connected to the factory wiring harness.

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