Introduction: Making a Simple DIY Platform Bed

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In this post, I’m going to share with you how I made this really quick and simple DIY platform bed! I hope this helps you complete this project for yourself or at the very least inspires you to get out to the workshop!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, or alternatively you can check out the attached youtube video where I talk through the project, giving both a visual and audible explanation of all the steps!

Step 1: Framework: Re-sawing Components

So lets get started! The first step is making the supporting framework, and because i’m making mine out of reclaimed pine boards, I had to begin by machining 30x30mm square sections.

Step 2: Framework: Cutting to Length

Once they had all been cut, I could then trim them to their various lengths at the mitre saw. The dimensions you chop these too will depend on the size of your mattress - I recommend measuring the mattress and then adding 10mm on each side so the fit isn’t too tight!

Step 3: Framework: Assembly

I could then attach my frame together with 4x60mm screws, making sure to pre-drill before-hand so the pine doesn’t split.

Step 4: Framework: Adding Feet

Once the frame was assembled, I then added 6 feet to the centre with screws. These will not only help spread the load but they also determine the height of the bed. I cut mine at 150mm but you could make them any dimensions depending on your needs.

Step 5: Cutting Side Strips

With the frame complete, I could then move onto the Birch Plywood exterior. I started this by cutting 4 thin strips on the table saw, two at 30mm, and the other two at 42mm.

Step 6: Screwing Side Strips Together + to Framework

I could then screw these strips together to make an ‘L shaped’ segment and intern screw this assembly to the side of the frame.

Step 7: Cutting Front/Back Rest

For the front and backrest of the bed, I cut down some more birch plywood, using the table saw to establish the width, and a circular saw and fence for the length.

Step 8: Securing Front/Back Rest to Framework

After some light sanding off camera, these could then be screwed into the supporting framework also, with a line being drawn 150mm up from the bottom of both components to ensure the bed sat parallel to the floor.

Step 9: Re-sawing Slats

Hopefully your bed is really starting to take shape now, so all thats left to do is to make some slats so the mattress is properly supported! I re-sawed mine out of a larger piece of constructional timber just to save on cost, but as with the 30mm square sections at the start of this video, you can just as easily used pre-cut dimensional boards.

Step 10: Cutting Slats to Length

Once the slats were re-sawn I could then cut them to length at the mitre saw, and begin screwing them to the framework.

Step 11: Screwing the Slats to the Framework

I used 4x30mm screws for this and a 27mm block to keep a consistent spacing between each slat.

Step 12: Adding the Mattress

Once they were all secured in place, I could simply add a mattress and then the bed was done!

Step 13: Finished!!

Although I used quite a few different tools on this project you could really easily have accomplished it with just a circular saw and drill, and the versatility of the design means it can be really easily scaled to fit either your mattress or requirements!

If you want to see/hear a visual/audible explanation of the steps I’ve also made a video which you can check out at the start of this post, but most importantly you’ve just made a bed, so you definitely deserved to get some well deserved rest on it!