Introduction: Making a Violin Mold for the Guaneri 'del Gesu' Vieuxtemps Violin 1741

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This is how I made the internal mold for the Guaneri 'del Gesu' Vieuxtemps violin using Fusion 360 and my CNC router parts CRP2448 CNC machine.I glued up a spare piece of walnut and rough milled it before cutting it out on the CNC. I finished it up with the spindle sander and a bit of hand sanding.

Step 1: Design and Cut

I used the proportional drawings that I made in the previous two Instructibles to draw this internal mold. Check out the video.I was able to do some engraved text and a center line. this should make using it a breeze.

If you would like to follow along with this build this is a playlist for all of the videos.

Making the Guaneri 'del Gesu' Vieuxtemps violin 1741

Step 2: Finished

I finished it with a mixture of bees wax and coconut oil. This really darkens the wood and makes the grain look amazing as well as protecting it from humidity changes. I'm not sure how this finish will react with hide glue used both for gluing in the corner blocks and the squeeze out when gluing in the ribs and linings. I guess I will let you know when I get to that point.This internal mold is beautiful and well constructed, It should make the process of gluing up the ribs and linings easy.

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