Introduction: Making a Basic Roux

Making a basic Roux can be one of the simplest cooking techniques you can learn. However, it can be used in in so many ways. it's the starter for white breakfast gravy, made into cheesy sauces for mac-n-cheese and to go over veggies, it is also used as a thickening agent in soups, stews, and gumbos.

Step 1: Step One..... Ingredients and Supplies

You will need...
a good seasoned cast iron skillet.. you can use another type of skillet as long as it's heavy bottomed and NOT nonstick.

wire whisk

all purpose flour


you will use equal parts flour and fat. in this case my measurements are 1/2 cup of each.

as for the fat or oil selection. . use what you like as long as it is NOT margarine as it contains water and will ruin your Roux before you start. I am using a mix of bacon drippings and coconut oil

Step 2: Step Two

turn your stove top on medium and put fat and flour in the skillet. .
whisk thoroughly

Step 3: Step Three

As the skillet heats up.... keep whisking. .
do not try to turn up the heat and rush this process... it's well worth it! !

Step 4: Step Four

this is the hardest part. .. waiting. .... and watching. ... whisking. .. more waiting. ..
Slowly the fat cooks the flour so it will absorb more liquid when it's put to use.

Step 5: Step Five.... a Blonde Roux

You should notice a light golden blonde color.

this Roux is the strongest Roux for its thickening properties

You can make your Roux to different degrees of depth and darkness. The darker Roux has more of a depth of flavor profile but it has less thickening potential.

As you make your Roux think of how you want to use it.... here are some suggestions

Add milk and seasoning. ... gravy

put it in ice cube trays and freeze to use later... you can drop a couple into a soup or stew.... anything that needs thickening

add milk, stock, velveta and pour over pasta then bake.... homemade mac-n-cheese

The possibilities are endless! !!!

Happy Cooking! !
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