Introduction: Making a Canoe Model

We can make a simple canoe model from 3 elements: motherboard pinewood, thickness 14 mm, sides Al plates with 0,7 mm thickness, stem and stern pinewood prisms of 45x45x25 mm size.

Step 1: Model Dates

There are many dates from canoes, we can make from this a scaled, or aesthetically good form. It is suggested to make a sketch with the main measures. The arcs can be drawn with a flexible skewer/stick.

The scales of the model are:  Beam B=60 mm, waterline length Lw= 310 mm, length/beam ratio L/B=5,17.

Length overall LOA = 5,9B.

Draught in the middle section D=0,23B.

Freeboard (at beam and on the ends) F =(0,3-0,7)B.

Viewed from above the form of canoe sideline from the beam to the ends of length overall is a bow.

Step 2: Pieces and Joints

We cut the motherboard to the adequate form, and because we will tie them with nails, so let a 5 mm stripe free. The chamfers need about 3-5 mm, so we can cut or rasp the bottom of the board longwise and crosswise a little rounded, from the 14 mm to about 10 mm.

With the measures above the length of bended aluminum sides is 324 mm (about 5,4B), width 46 mm (about 0,77B), from which we need on the ends and on the bottom 5 mm for nailing.

Cut and rasp the board to the given size, than make the stem and stern. The angle of them is about 40 degree. After that we can cut the sides to the given size. 

Before nailing the sides, we chamfer the stem and stern. The aluminum sides should be drilled before nailing. On the bottom of base we begin at the beam, and carefully make the nailing. The nailing can cause breaking on the stem and stern, therefore we can drill the holes, cut the little nails to size, and stick them with epoxide adhesive.  After nailing we can refine the surfaces, the standing out parts can be bended to the wood. If it doesn’t remains on place, stick it with epoxide adhesive.

For painting at first we smooth out the joints, then polish and paint. It is advisable to ground the surfaces with waterproof primer. Choose an appropriate paint for the purpose, for toys which are innocuous to health.

The empty weight of the canoe is 130 g, loading (until the draught at waterline) 60 g. It doesn’t sinks, the capsized boat swims.