Introduction: Image Viewer

The view of old photo rolls is not made for new digital technik. It can be viewed by light and has no connection to computer, or camera. A simlpe viewer can be used for quick controlling of the photos, before you by a film scanner.

Step 1: Used Pieces

Therefore I use an old plastic camera, and a lens. A roll spindle is made from wood. In the camera the photo roll is put on the left side, and the roll spindle to the right. (The original use is the new negative to the left.)

Step 2: Lens On

I cut out the objective from the camera, and put a plastic tube on this orifice, with a length of the 1/2 focus of the lens (lens film distance cca 8cm), the magnification of the lens is cca 1,5-2 (focus cca 150 mm).

Step 3: Spindle

The spindle has an inner double slot for forwarding the film with the camera twisting button.

Step 4: The Film in the Camera

Left side: old photo roll, right side: spindle on the camera twisting button

Step 5: The View of the Photos

The view is possible with directing the camera side to the light, and the lens side is for viewing.