Introduction: Making a Go Kart From Junk

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In this instructable i'll show you how to make your own go kart. FROM JUNK!!! This project is fun to build and fun to use. The only part you might have to buy is the engine, this part is optional because you can still use the go kart without an engine.In this instructable i will show you how to do both configurations. unfortunately i can not show the entire build process because i have already built my go kart, but i can show you enough so that you can build your own

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Most of these materials you can find in a junk yard,in your house, or you can find them cheap at almost any hardware store


1: 4 10" wheels with a 2 inch hub depth with a 5/8" hole

2: 2 1/2"x4 1/2 threaded bolt

3: Plumbers tape

4: 3/8 inch by 3 1/2 inch bolt

5: 3 feet of 3/4 inch pvc

6: 2 3" 1/2 door hinges

7: 4 1" 3/4 window hinges

8: 4 feet of paracord

9: 1/2" springs

10:various screws

11: lots of 2 by 4

12: various pieces of scrap wood

13: 6 5/8" set screw collars

14: 48inch long 5/8" metal rod

15: 3 1 1/2" window hinges (4 if you plan on putting in an engine)


1: a seat (optional because I show you how to make one)

2: engine

3: clutch #41 3/8" bore

4: #41 chain

5:#41 chain sprocket

6: roller chain connector

Step 2: Body

For the body just cut a length of 6 feet from a piece of 2 by 4.

Step 3: Steering

For the steering get some 2 by 4 and cut 3 pieces, one 40 inches long (3' 4") and two pieces 7 inches long.Next take you door hinges and mount them to each side of the longer 2 by 4, then connect them to the smaller pieces of 2 by 4. Next take a length of scrap wood that is long enough to connect the smaller pieces and drill a 3/8 inch hole at both ends. Then drill a 3/8 inch hole at the ends of both of the smaller pieces of 2 by 4. Next insert the 3/8 inch bolts through all the holes and screw them into place. For these next steps you will need to look at the pictures for reference because it is hard to explain.Drill a small hole at the bottom of each of the smaller pieces of 2 by 4 big enough to fit your paracord through. Thread the paracord through and tie a knot at the end.Now refer to the pictures on how to do the next steps. After you have completed these steps mount the steering mechanism to the body. For the steering wheel i took a scrap piece of wood and drilled a 3/4" hole in the center with a drill press, then using a mallet i knocked it onto the PVC pipe. You could do whatever you want for the steering wheel as long as it works.

Step 4: Seat

For the seat I took 2 pieces of scrap that were big enough to sit in and screwed them to the base. Refer to photos to see better instructions.

Step 5: Wheels

For the front wheels drill two 1/2 inch holes in the two small pieces of 2 by 4 used in the steering, make sure these holes are in the middle. Then take 2 wheels and line them up with the holes we just drilled and insert the 1/2" bolt and secure it with a hex nut. For the rear wheels take the 5/8" rod and secure it to back with the plumbers tape. Next take 2 screw collars and put them on on the side of the plumbers tape. Next take two screw collars and put them on both sides of the rod, next put the wheels and put them on the rod. Then put a screw collar on the end of the rod tighten it down.

Step 6: Brakes

the brakes are pretty simple, but I fell that I can explain better with photos. Note my brakes are pretty makeshift, please tell what i can do better with in the comments. Also size may vary.

Step 7: (optional) Making the Go Kart Run With an Engine

Unfortunately I can't show how to mount the engine, clutch, sprocket and chain right now because I have not received them yet, but I will update this instructable with info when I do receive them. In the mean time I am sure that you can figure it out with the use of the internet. The part I can tell you about though is the gas pedal, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is take a bit of string and attach it to the engine's speed control. Then wrap this string around the pedal so when it is pressed it drives the engine.

Step 8: Test Run

Step 9: Safety

When using your go kart I strongly recommend that you wear a helmet so that you do not injure your head. in the future I will most likely be adding straps to my go kart so that it is safer. I am not responsible for any injuries caused by this go kart. Please use at your own risk.

Step 10: Before and After

before building this go kart it was just a bunch of junk. After it was built it was pure fun.

Step 11: Side Note

In the future i hope to revisit this project to improve upon it, For example make it sturdier and safer.I will make a more detailed instructable on it then, but for now, please enjoy this one.

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