Making a Replacement Dashboard AC Vent.

Introduction: Making a Replacement Dashboard AC Vent.

My trusty civic has its driver's side AC vent missing for several years now. Today I decided to make my own replacement vent since these items are becoming increasingly hard to obtain for a 1999 vehicle.

Step 1: Creating Inner Walls for the Vent.

I used an old dog food bin to cut sections out for the inner walls within the vent. I want as much cold air channeled out. I used my handy cutting tool for the job.

Step 2: Sticking the Inners Walls in Place.

I used an unsung hero i.e. silicone adhesive to secure all the inner walls inside of the vent.

Step 3: Creating the Grill and Completion!

I cut a suitable shape grill out of a spare plastic basket. I secured it with silicone and now my car has a perfectly good always on AC vent!

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    2 years ago on Step 2

    So an idea to improve the final look. Autoparts stores sell this like round molded edging trim in the accessories isle you could use some of that to edge the grill, and then put some small beads of adhesive in the corners to hold it in place.