Introduction: Making a Tassel

This is a guide to making a simple tassel.

You will need

2 different colours of thread
Small crochet hook
metal jewelry jump ring

Step 1: Cut the Thread

Cut the main thread into lengths 8 times longer than you plan to have your tassel.

Fold each thread twice (so it is 4 threads wide)

Step 2: Thread Through Jump Ring

Pull the thread through the jump ring and fold over.

repeat until no more thread can fit through ring.

The crochet hook is useful for the last few strings.

Step 3: Secure

Tie the second colour string around the tassel, just under the ring. Make sure it is a reasnoble length (about 30cm is good)
Tie it as tight as possible (single knot).

Step 4: Tidy Up

Pull on each of the strings so they are tight over the jump ring and even.

Then take the red string and wrap tightly around the tassel a couple of times and tie off.

Step 5: Add the Loop

Push the crochet hook through the center of the jump ring.
Catch one of the red strings (about half way down its length).

Pull the string through the center of the tassel (careful not to pull it all through)

Step 6: Tie the Red String

Tie the two ends of the red string together in the center of the tassel (so knot is hidden from view).

Step 7: Tidy Up

Cut all the strings at the end and make sure they are reasonably even. 


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