Introduction: Making an Pizza Introduction

Hi, my name Truitt Roberts and today id like to share with you a few ways to improve your pizza making skills. over the last few years I have been making pizza for all sorts of people, there are people who want their pizza with no cheese to people who don't want sauce. making any food should not be a choir recipes are just guidelines you can follow to make your food but a true chef adds his own personal flair. id like to show you 5-6 steps to making a pizza tailored to you. there are hundreds of ways to make a pizza but this one can be custom made to your specific taste.

Step 1: Prepairing the Dough

for this step you can make your own dough or buy a premade crust

to make your own doe you would need flower, water, yeast, and oil so its not sticky must let rise for a while.

Step 2: Streaching / Docking Dough

After your do has fully risen and you have expelled the air from it you can begin to stretch your dough. You start by flattening your dough so the mass is even. Then you make indentation 1/4in away from the crust and in the middle after repeat on back side.

Step 3: Forming the Pizza Crust

when your forming your crust you will need to stench the dough to the size and thickness and place it on your pizza stone or pan,

Step 4: Applying Sauce

after your dough is stretched to your satisfaction you can begin applying your sauce. this step varies between people I like saucy pizza wile others only like light sauce.

Step 5: Apply Your Topings

putting cheese and other toppings on even and pushed out to the edge due to the fact when they cook is sucks the toping into the middle.

Step 6: Cook / Enjoy

after your toppings are all on cook for 6-10 minuets at 450-475 degrease when its cooked to perfection cut and enjoys.