Introduction: Makramé Flower Hanger

This is a beginners guide for creating a simple makramé flower hanger.

Step 1: Collect Your Needed Items

All you need for this project is:

A rope measuring at least 675cm ( 4x150cm 1x75cm)


A measuring tape

A jar, pot, vase = flower container

flowers for final decoration

Step 2: Measure Out Your Cords

on a flat surface, measure out 4 cords of 150cm and one cord of 75cm

Step 3: Making the Hook Loop

In order to hang your makramé flower hanger when finished, start to build a loop.

Grab your 4 cords à 150cm as a bundle and fold them in the middle.

Take the 5th cord à 75cm and tie it around the other cords as seen in the picture.

This is the beginning of a covered knot that will create a neat loop hole.

Step 4: Prepare a Covered Knot

Continue to create the covered knot by wrapping the extra cord around the main cords. I chose to wrap the cord 5 times before continuing to tie the covered knot.

Step 5: Tie and Cover the Knot

After wrapping the extra cord around the main cords 5 times, tie the lower end of the wrapping cord through the loop whole created earlier.

Step 6: Finish the Hidden Knot

Cut off the ends of the wrapping cord.

Step 7: First Round of Knots

Lay your cords out flat and build cord couples for first round of knots.

Leave the cord on the outer left and the outer right untouched.

Start with the second and the third cord. Make simple double knots. Continue with the fourth and fifth cord and so on.

Make sure, the knots are created at approximately the same hight.

As a last step of the first round of knots, tie the cord on the outer left and the outer right together.

Step 8: Measure Pot Position

Now find a wall with a hook and hang your makramé project to measure out where the jar needs to be placed.

Make sure the next row of knots is going to sit slightly under the upper rim of the jar.

Step 9: More Rounds of Knots

Now continue tying 3 more rounds of knots.

Make sure to pair the cords asymmetrically per row to gain the needed honeycomb structure that will securely hold your jar.

If your jar is rather small, like the one I used, make sure that in the following three rows the distance of the rows is not very large and does not exceed the total length of the jar.

Step 10: Make a Final Knot

Once you have reached the length of your jar, take all the cords as a bundle and tie a simple knot to seal the makramé holder.

Step 11: Final Decoration

Bravo! Now simply place your jar, arrange your flowers and that's it!

You made it!