Introduction: Mamas Chicken

This is one of my favorite meals my mom use to make for me growing up. One of the few I were able to get from her before she passed a few years ago and actually still remember how to prepare. It’s a family favorite that I call mamas chicken but my kids call grammas chicken. Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: The Beginning

First you want to get your oven to the perfect temperature preferably 350 degrees F. Pull out a baking dish not a cookie sheet because you will need a little depth in your pan.

Step 2: Key Ingredients and Utensils

Next you chop up only half of the onion while chopping up the entire bell pepper. Set those aside until later on. Also gather your seasoning salt, pepper, and sage(ground). Also have some aluminum foil on stand by for the last step.

Step 3: The Secret Sauce

Then you combine the condensed chicken broth with a can of cream of chicken soup. You want to mix that in real good until solid chunks no longer appear and you are left with a liquid like substance.

Step 4: Mamas Rules

After spreading some chicken wings on a banking sheet, now it’s time to add your seasoning salt and pepper to both sides of the chicken. ( Seasoning to your preference) Next is the most important part. Whenever I would call my mom to get a refresher on this cooking process she would always say to me don’t go easy on the sage!! So be generous when it’s time to add the sage however, you can go a bit too far as I have found out on more than one occasion. Nevertheless don’t be afraid to give it a nice coat.

Step 5: All In!

Next sprinkle the chopped bell pepper and onion I had you set aside for later on the chicken ensuring that every inch of the pan is covered while also making sure That some rests on top of the pieces of chicken.

Step 6: Get Lost in the Sauce

I had a video here of me pouring the broth mixed with the soup over the chicken wings but it hasn’t seemed to finish processing. A bit bummed out about that but if you can imagine pouring it over all of the chicken to make sure every piece is covered. This is done to make sure each piece of chicken is able to bake and retain as much moisture as possible during the baking process.

Step 7: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Make sure to cover baking pan with aluminum foil with a tight fit on it so that the chicken retains even more moisture. Then bake for at minimum 1 hour and 30 mins.

Step 8: Eat Your Heart Out

Finally, take baking dish out of oven and remove aluminum foil carefully as it will be hot steam coming out. I usually make a white rice as a side with this dish so that you can pour the juices or what me and the kids like to call “porridge” over the rice. Serve with love and then it’s bon appetit!