Manganese Steel Plating and Electroplating Method.

Introduction: Manganese Steel Plating and Electroplating Method.

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I have found a new method of directly and indirectly plating Mangesane salts in Lye (94 percent Potassium hydroxide) with fresh stainless steel. Oh, the steel must be very well Polished steel not store bought prob best to order it plates on eBay.

This method uses Hot water with 10 percent Hydrochloric acid and a mixture of Potassium Permagnate, Manganese Sulfate, and Lye. It very similar to changing colors by adding KmnO4 to sugar then Lye for the MnO2 formation Oxidization method. The crystals of KmnO4 react slowly and if the KmnO4 changing MnO2 etc into the metal. The steel and base and prob MnSO4 work to do this.

I am not sure exactly about the chemistry just that the MnSO4 helps to enhance this process.

Step 1: Prep for the Acid Bath.

Here I am going to explain how to set up an Acid bath about 15 percent HCl is added to Hot water. Optional is to add weak H202 3 percent to enhance that. I did not have it at the time. It may work well.

Warning that HCL is corrosive please wear gloves. Also the edges of those sheets are sharp it cut through my gloves and cut me too. Luckly I had no acid on me. That really could have been a bad acid cut-burn!!! Please wear protective clothes and PPE.

15 percent HCl from 30 percent is no Joke either.

Step 2: Potassium Permanganate Bath With Lye.

Approx in 2 L of Hot boiling water you must the following materials.

1. 15 g of KmnO4. 2. 10 g of MnSO4 and 3. KOH.

You must wear PPE since All these chemicals are toxic and corrosive. Gloves since KmnO4 stains skin dark purple. Also have towels and rags and papers so you don't make a mess.

An air bubbler to bubble air into it to plate it indirectly may be a good Option. I am not sure if it worked. Strong acids, Hot temps (fresh hot water really works for the acid bath). Colder water does not work as well strangely.

This may explain the theory expect the sugar is replaced with steel over long times.

Also, stir with a steel spoon or something like that to get the crystals to adhere to the steel as much as possible. Do this every 20 minutes.

Step 3: Disposing of KmnO4 Waste and Thoughts.

A final mention well a Second is how to dispose of Potassium Permanganate waste.

It a strong oxidizer although it cannot cause cancer it can burn and induce free radical damage to organisms especially fish and wildlife. DO NOT DUMP IT DOWN THE DRAIN. Send it to an Eco center.

I tried passive and with electricity. While electroplating worked it seemed to clump KmnO4 crystals to the metal an Undesired result. It did not show much improvement.

This can be a sort of tricky Process. Please, not clean polished metal steel not zinc plated but pure plated type is required.

Keep that in mind if you decide to do it.

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    3 years ago

    It tends to tarnish after a while try with epoxy or Urethane clear paint will work but your get different colors.


    3 years ago

    A quick update that this method is very very difficult and the metal of Mn oxidizes very quickly. An epoxy may help but it may tarnish the metal plating. It was difficult and I thought it may work. Oh well Onto new Projects.


    Tip 4 years ago

    To make this process better the ratio of Lye and Knmo4 must be high but KmnO4 must be higher. First put the brand new plate of steel into cold water wash then put in with the Hot lye KmnO4 solution. Let it sit for 2 hrs.

    Wash it off and make Hot water with HCl bath. If done properly you should see a tint of black over the steel that the plating inverse effect on the metal. With gloves remove the plate and put it into the bath and stirr continously you should see different platterns occuring by now -- if done correctly. It a tricky process.