How to Make the Mangaverse Spider-Man Backpack

Introduction: How to Make the Mangaverse Spider-Man Backpack

About: Hello my name is tvwxspidey, but on my profile it's TheVideoWatcherX. I love cosplaying and crafting and I want to share it with you.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make your own: Mangeverse Spider-Man backpack.

I cosplayed Mangaverse Spider-Man, but my backpack wasn't right. I just used my regular school backpack.

First I thought about buying a brown backpack, making some small modifications and add a Spider-Man symbol, but there were no backpacks that look similar than the original one. So after a long time of brainstorming I finally figured it out how to make it.

Before you start, please read the entire tutorial first before you start, because if you mess up then there is a chance you have to start over again.

With that said let's get started.


What you'll need:

  • A big plastic wash bucket
  • Light brown craft foam
  • 2 brown belts
  • Black synthetic leather or black craft foam
  • Zipper (Optional)
  • Velcro (Optional)
  • Rivets (For leather)
  • Hot glue and super glue
  • Rotary tool
  • Hammer
  • Hole punch
  • Hobby knife or scissors
  • Cutting mat

Step 1: Attach Belt to the Bucket

  • The first step in this project is difficult, but I try to explain it as easy as possible. Take a good look at the photos and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.
  1. First mark every 90 degrees of the bucket and draw a straight line that has the same width as your belt; mine is around 30 mm.
  2. Grab your rotary tool and very carfully cut an opening for the belt to fit through and sand opening smooth so that the belt won't scratch.
  3. After that push the belts through the cuts and put on the ''backpack'' to see if it fits right on your back, then grab your marker and mark lines where you think you should cut for a comfortable fit.
  4. Cut your belts to size with a hobby knife on a cutting mat.
  5. When you done that, mark two dots on where the rivets should be and make a pilot holes for the drill with help of a hole punch. To be sure that the belt won't come lose, I decided to use two rivits for every belt part.
  6. With the help of a rotary tool, drill the holes. Make sure that the belt doesn't catch on fire, because during the drilling you will smell a burning smoke.
  7. Push your belt through the cuts in the bucket and hammer down the rivets in place, make sure you double check before yo start hammer down the rivits.

(Note: I decided to keep the beltbuckles on so that I can readjust when I have my jacket on or something, maybe not accurate in the comics, but handy in real life.)

(Note #2: Please check again and again before you start hammering, glueing or cut something.)

(Note #3: Please use safety glasses and a mouthmask to protect yourself.)

Step 2: Add Leatherto the Belt.

This is a message from the future, no kidding.

The belt that I used has a rough service on one side and ruined my suit a little bit as you can see in the picture. To cover the rough side, I used synthetic leather to cover it.

  1. Measure the part of the belt that must be covered with leather.
  2. Draw the pieces you need and cut them out.
  3. Glue them on the belt with contact cement. (Super glue doesn't work.)
  4. Cut of the excess black leather with scissors and cut holes for the belt buckle.

Step 3: Glue on Foam and Zipper

Time to cover the bucket with foam.

This step of the build didn't turn out as expected, but luckily in the end it looks good. Just like the first page, I ask you to read the instruction carefully before you start and if you have a question, please send me a message.

  1. Grab your one of your foamsheet, put the bucket on top, trace over the circle of the bucket and glue it on.
  2. Grab one foam sheet and heat shape it with your heat gun, make some folds that it fits nicely over the bucket. Make sure you don't burn the foam, Now glue only the bottom part.
  3. I grabbed my scissors and cut the excess of the edge that sticks out. Because of that, there were open gaps I hide that with those 4 foam pieces, you see on the pictures. Cut out some pieces and try cover the open gaps and glue them on.
  4. To make it look nice I made 4 belt ''buckles'' out of foam and glued it in place where the belts are. You can find the pattern that is provided in this step.
  5. Glue some open parts down if needed
  6. To put my stuff in the bag, I made a big cut to make an opening. You can glue in a zipper or velcro to keep it shut.

(Warning: When you heat foam, please do that in a ventilated area.)

(Note: Please take a good look at the pictures for reference.)

Step 4: Glue on Logo

Almost done, time to glue on the logo

  1. Print out the template that is provided in this tutorial. Before you start tracing it on any material, make sure that it is printed the right size, so that it looks good on the backpack. (I just printed it at 100%.)
  2. Trace it over on black craft foam or black synthetic leather and carefully cut it out with a knife or scissors.
    In the comics it's actually dark brown, but I wanted it black.
  3. When you are done cutting, glue it on the backpack with hot glue and a little super glue.

Step 5: Time to Fight Crime.

Here you go, your backpack is finished.

This was a complicated project to make, the heat shaping of the foam over the bucket didn't go as expected, but then after some little modifications it looked great.

It looks good with the suit on and I hope it stays in one piece when I use it during a con.

I had so much fun making this, I learned some of my mistakes and I hope you also have a good time making this.
If you made this bag yourself please tag me on Instagram using: @tvwxspidey, I would love to see your work.

Thank you so much for watching this tutorial, please leave a favorite and a follow and I see you in the next Instructable.

Happy Cosplaying.

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