Introduction: Mango-Coconut Chocolate Frogs

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We love making food tributes to our favorite movies, comics and games, so when my business partner and I found frog molds, we knew had to make Harry Potter inspired chocolate frogs! Given the intense heat of the season, we thought this would be a perfect way to keep ice cream and sorbet around for a quick single serving treat. 

These perticular frogs were made with mango sorbet and coconut dark chocolate, but you can substitute any flavor you like! 

Step 1: Ingredients

Mango Sorbet -
  • 500g mango puree
  • 135g sugar, divided 2/3-1/3
  • 220g water
  • 52.5g glucose powder 

Coconut Chocolate
  • 1/2 lb dark chocolate 
  • 2tsp coconut extract
  • 3T coconut oil, may substitute veg oil

Step 2: Step One - Making Sorbet and Preparing the Molds

  • Mix all liquid ingredients in a sauce pan, warm to a near simmer. 
  • Add 1/3 of the sugar
  • In a separate bowl, whisk all dry ingredients
  • Add dry ingredients to liquid, whisking until well combined 
  • Once well combined, chill in refrigerator for 1 hour
     In the meantime-  spray molds with non-stick spray, and chill in freezer 1 hour

Step 3: Step 2 - Temper Chocolate

  • Melt Chocolate over double boiler on medium heat, stirring occasionally
  • Once smooth, let cool until think and fudgey 
  • Once cool, reheat, stirring occasionally
  • When chocolate is again completely melted (should look shinny), add oil and extract
Turn off heat, but leave over steam 

Step 4: Step 3 - Fill the Molds

  • Brush chocolate onto mold in 2 think coats, placing in freezer after each - extend the second coat beyond the edge of the mold for a better seal
  • Fill the molds with sorbet, about 2/3 full
  • Freeze until set - about 15 - 20 minutes
  • Spoon chocolate over the sorbet in an thick, even layer
Freeze until chocolate is set, and frogs are sealed. Frogs should pop out of the mold once solid. Running your hands under warm water to heat them before releasing frogs may make it easier for you! 
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