Introduction: Mango Lychee Refreshing Beverage

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One of the most refreshing beverages I had ever tried was in Thailand in Phuket beach. I immediately fell in love with the delicious and fresh taste of Passion fruit and Lychee.

I decided to make my own version of this delicious beverage by mixing Mango and Lychee, two fruist which scream BEACH! and FRESH!

The result is super delicious and original, once you taste it you will feel as if you were in the beach!


Step 1: Ingredients

  • 5 Lychees
  • Mango concentrate
  • Plain water / sparkling water (the one you prefer)
  • Ice cubes

*You may use sugar if mango concentrate requires it

Step 2: Peel Lychees

Lychees need to be peeled. Use a knife to peel them until they look like grapes.

Step 3: Prepare Mango Water

Use mango concentrate to prepare mango water. You can use plain water or sparkling water. As mentioned in the ingredients, depending on the brand you buy you could add sugar or not.

Step 4: Mix Lychees and Mango

Mi Lychees and Mango and refrigerate the beverage for 3-4 hours. This time is the key to make the mango juice get the fresh and characteristic taste of the Lychee.

Step 5: Add Ice Cubes and Serve

The last step is to add ice cubes and serve.

I decided to add a small umbrella to make it look cute.


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