Introduction: Map Pendants

The idea for these came from "buntings" where various pendants are hung from a ribbon or cord. These triangle pendants were made from an old road atlas and hang independently from the suspended ceiling frame by means of homemade support clips.


Corrugated cardboard

Maps / Atlas

Wire (for clips)



utility knife

straight edge

pliers, wire cutter (for clips)


glue stick

Step 1: Templates

If you are making more than one pendant, it makes sense to make a template for the map part and one for the cardboard. The paper template is 1/2" larger all around to allow for gluing.

Step 2: Glue All

Step 3: Clips Can Be Made 3 or More at a Time

Make a sample that fits your needs then use it to make all the other clips the same.

Step 4: Attach Clips

Push the clip into the pendant and tape to hold in place.

Step 5: Hang Them!

I used a wall full to fill an angled wall in an A-frame.

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